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– O f f e r i n g S e a s o n s f o r 2 0 1 8 – The four churchwide Special Offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) play an important role in defining what it means to be a connectional church in the twenty-first century, bringing together the diversity of the PC(USA) to focus and take faith-based action on shared concerns. The Offerings collectively participate in ministries of compassion, justice, Christian formation, education, peacemaking, and global witness. For more information, you can visit or to order resources, call the Presbyterian Church Store at 800-533-4371. Support Presbyterian Mission year-round Presbyterian Mission Presbyterian Church ( U.S.A. ) ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING SPECIAL OFFERINGS HUNGER • DISASTER • DEVELOPMENT FEB 14 APRIL 1 RESOURCES DISTRIBUTED: January APRIL 2 MAY 20 PENTECOST SPECIAL OFFERINGS CHILDREN AT RISK • YOUTH • YOUNG ADULTS RESOURCES DISTRIBUTED: March SEPTEMBER 2 OCTOBER 7 PEACE & GLOBAL WITNESS SPECIAL OFFERINGS PEACEMAKING AND RECONCILIATION RESOURCES DISTRIBUTED: August DECEMBER 2 DECEMBER 23 CHRISTMAS JOY SPECIAL OFFERINGS CHURCH LEADERS—PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE RESOURCES DISTRIBUTED: October David P. Young Michael Fagans SPECIAL OFFERINGS

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