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Pr e s by te r i a n s To d ay | FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 13 communities," Leggett said. "How do the voices of the faith community get their powerful message heard in a world that doesn't always come from that perspective? The chal- lenge is creating a forum for people to come together and hear about immigration and detention." The documentaries have received high praise at various film festi- vals around the country and can be accessed online. But Barnhart believes showing the films at churches and community events often leads to action. "People are moved by the films at festival showings, but then they go home. When we schedule a viewing at a church, everyone is here for the purpose of learning as well as engaging and doing something," Barnhart said. "We want the films to be a voice or medium to connect people or help them find their own way to engage on immigration and refugee resettlement." When Dyer first saw Locked in a Box two years ago, she had no idea how close to home the issue was. "I got online and looked up to see if there were any detention centers near Dayton and found one about 30 minutes away. That is not OK," she said. "No one I talked to knew the facility existed and that it was hap- pening so close to home." Dyer hopes that the film showings and other events will lead to more hands-on ministry. "There's a lot of interest in orga- nizing visitation programs at the detention center near us," Dyer said. "We want to show the film again and continue to spread the word." Dyer, Leggett and Barnhart believe that other communities could duplicate the success they had in Dayton and encourage communi- ties to incorporate local entities to raise awareness. "Do some research in your own community to see who else might be involved in refugee resettlement or immigration issues and let them know about the film and see what develops from there," Dyer said. "I would never have thought about contacting the philharmonic or the opera to see if they have something going on around this topic. But now things have come together on immi- gration/refugees and it has been just beautiful to watch." Rick Jones is a communications strategist for the Presbyterian Mission Agency. SEE THE FILMS To access Locked in a Box or To Breathe Free, go to T HOUSANDS of Churches and Youth Groups fund raise with Rada Cutlery each year! Your FUNDRAISER will sell: • Kitchen Knives, Utensils and Gift Sets • Cookbooks, Quick Mixes and Kitchen Helpers Request your FREE catalog and information packet: 1-800-311-9691 or NOTE: Dept A18PRS Fund Raising 1. 40% PROFIT 2. USA KITCHEN ITEMS 3. EASY SYSTEM

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