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G I V E YO U R S E L F A N E W JESUS, NEW JOY. Start your day with meditations focused on the bedrock of love, joy and peace which integrate modern findings on psychological vi- brancy and Scripture. Author is experienced Presbyterian pas- tor and therapist. More details on Amazon. (•••.• ) SOLO PASTOR First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael, California (•„ miles north of San Francisco), seeks a solo pas- tor to lead our downtown suburban congregation to grow in faith, hope and love. This person will help us celebrate • „ years of service to the community and the wider world as well as challenge us with creative forms of worship, spiritual practices, congregational nurture and service to our diverse community. Church website: View our MIF ‰„„Š‹„. AEO on the PC(USA) CLC website. DIRECTOR OF CHILDREN'S MINISTRY First Presbyterian Church ( w w w.f p c s p a r t a n b u rg .org) of Spartanburg, SC, is seeking a full-time Director of Children's Ministry to oversee the ministry with children, birth to fifth grade, and their families. FPCS is a •,–„„-member downtown church actively involved in mission and serving the surrounding community. A Bachelor's degree, at least • years of experience in Christian Education, and the ability to recruit and equip volunteers are required. ™Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and resume to™ ™For more information, see dcm. PART-TIME SOLO PASTOR The Finger Lakes area of Upstate NY is considered to be one of the most scenic and beautiful locations in the country. Tucked away in one of its valleys is the small, rural town of Big Flats and the historic First Presbyterian Church of Big Flats. Founded in •‹•ž, we are seeking a part-time solo pastor to guide us and work with us on the next phase of our church's rich history. We are seeking someone who will appreciate our traditional family style of worship while helping to introduce us to more contemporary styles of worship in our quest to attract new families and diverse people of all ages. The pastor will have a broad and deep understanding of theology and help guide us spiritually in our daily life as well as in our outreach to the surrounding community. We are seeking a pastor who is warm and caring, is a good communicator and who has a love for children of all ages. Please review our website at bigflatsfirstpres .org and view our MIF ‰„ ‹‹‹.AA„ on the PC(USA) CLC ( Please contact Pat Seem, PNC chair at to submit resumes. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Kirkmont Center, Inc. Dynamic, seasoned leader needed to continue to transform a beloved facility in southwest Ohio and its dual ministry of faith forma- tion and outdoor science education. Please refer to:‹-employment. FULL-TIME PASTOR/HEAD OF STAFF Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Storm Lake, Iowa, seeks a full-time pastor/head of sta£ for its congre- gation. We are a welcoming, diverse community of faith sharing the grace of God through worship and music, mission and outreach. Nurturing our current membership while developing our ministry to young families is a priority. Pastoral competencies should include possession of a dynamic preaching style, an ability to challenge and inspire, compassionate and skillful pastoral care, and strong, creative leadership skills. See our website ( for information about Lakeside and view our MIF ID „•ŠŠ•.AD„ at A PIF may be sent to Barbara Wells at PASTOR F i r s t P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h o f O d e s s a , T X ( is a small congregation commit- ted to building a community of believers who will love and serve all. They are searching for their next pastor. Requirements include being a team player, PCUSA ordination, and -•„ years of pastoral min- istry in the Presbyterian church. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience. Please submit your resume and cover letter to Wynesia Jackson at SOLO PASTOR First Presbyterian Church of Coldwater, MI, seeks an enthusiastic solo pastor to help a receptive congregation grow in faith and carry out its vision. We are searching for a minister who will lovingly challenge us to see new ways to worship, grow spiritually, engage in mission and witness to God's Kingdom. We hope that you hear God's call, leading you to us. May we all feel God's blessing as we navi- gate our living faith together. Please contact us at S t a t e m e n t o f O w n e r s h i p , M a n a g e m e n t , and Circulation (Required by –• U.S.C. –Š‹ ). Publication Title: Presbyterians Today. Publication no.: ISSN „§§•-ž„„. Filing date: „‹/•„/•„•‹. Issue frequency: Bimonthly. No. of issues published annu- ally: Š. Annual subscription price: •••.• . Complete mailing address of known o¨ce of publication: •„„ Witherspoon Street, Louisville, KY §„•„•-•–•Š. Contact person: Jeffrey Lawrence. Telephone: „•- Š•- „•–. Complete mailing address of head- quarters or general business office of publisher: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), •„„ Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY §„•„•-•–•Š. Full names and complete mailing addresses of publisher: Jeffrey Lawrence, •„„ Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY §„•„•-•–•Š; Editor: Donna Frischknecht Jackson, •„„ Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY §„•„•-•–•Š. Managing Editor: (Same as Publisher). Owner: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), •„„ Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY §„•„•-•–•Š. Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding • percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: None. The purpose, function, and non-profit status of this organiza- tion and the exempt status for federal income tax purposes has not changed during the preceding •• months. Issue date for circulation data below: August/September •„•‹. Extent and nature of circulation: Total no. copies (net press run): average no. each issue during preceding •• months, ž,‹ „; single issue nearest filing date, •,•Š . Paid and/ or requested circulation: Paid/requested outside- county mail subscriptions, average, –•,„ §; single issue, „,••–; in-county, average, „; single issue, „; sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors, and counter sales, average, Š,–„‹; single issue, Šž; other classes mailed through the USPS, average, „; single issue, „. Total, average, § ,–Š•; single issue, „,••„. Free distribution by mail: outside-county, average, •••; single issue, •–•; in-county, average, „; single issue, „; other classes, „, single issue, „. Free distribution outside the mail: average, „§; single is- sue, ••Š. Total free distribution: average, Š––; single issue, –§ž. Total distribution: average, § ,•• ; single issue, „,Š–ž. Copies not distributed: office use, leftovers, average, ••,‹ ; single issue, Š•‹; Total: average, ž,‹ „; single issue, •,•Š . Percent paid and/or requested circulation: average, •‹.Š•«; single issue, ••.–•«. Paid electronic copies: average, – ; single issue, –Š–. Total paid print and electronic cop- ies: average, § ,ž•ž; single issue, „,Š –. Total print distribution and paid electronic copies: average, §Š,– „; single issue, •,„„„. Percent paid, both print and electronic copies: average, •‹.Š–«; single issue, ••.–•«. I certify that all information furnished above is true and complete: Je£rey Lawrence, Publisher. Pr e s by te r i a n s To d ay ' OCTOBER ""•– —˜ CLASSIFIED ADS AD RATES: per line (approx characters) DISPLAY AD: per column inch DEADLINE: weeks before issue date Email copy to today@pcusaorg or call ----- ext Classifieds also appear on Presbyterians Today's website at no additional cost New for 2018 Presbyterians Today's Advent Devotional God Lifts the Lowly Daily meditations and prayers based on Mary's Song of Praise Artwork and poems by Andrew Weatherly Re•ections and prayers by Donna Frischknecht Jackson and Krin Van Tatenhove To order, call 800-533-4371and ask for PDS 17116-18-007 Or order online at Pricing: 2–9 copies, $3.50 each,10–99 copies, $2.50 each, 100+ copies, $1.95 each

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