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OCT 2018

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P r e s by te r i a n s To d ay OCTOBER famous birthday man: The entire congregation sang "Happy Birthday" to him. The song was followed with a standing ovation and thunderous clapping. "It was a great joy to know people remembered me on my birthday, in announcement was made in the church, sharing the exciting new "Happy Birthday" ministry of Webb's. The birthday singing is a blessing, though, for Webb as well as those in the congregation. "He couldn't walk and see as well as he once did," said Hyslop. "He was trying to •nd something he could do for the church." Once people in the church knew who was singing — and why — word spread beyond the church family. Even people Hyslop didn't know tried to get on her father's "Happy Birthday" singing list. Hyslop's children also called, asking if "Papa" could add another friend's name to his list. "He was even trying to get names from the dentist of•ce. I had to put a stop to it," she said, laughing. On Webb's 99th birthday this past May, Westminster Presbyterian Church did something special for the the same way that I remember them," Webb said, adding he plans to sing until he can't breathe anymore. Paul Seebeck is a communications strategist for the Presbyterian Mission Agency KHADEJEH NIKOUYEH/NEWS & RECORD Carl Webb's voice was heard for many years on the radio. He now blesses others over the phone with a unique ministry that makes those at Westminster Presbyterian Church feel connected and loved. New York City's premier Call 762-31 98 /*5.!1%54*1,52".#05 Apartments include: Private +-/'(/5"0!51-*04&5 "0!)55-"2/5 /!,**'5 5*1,51-"045 *)/"((/&5 -$./5 1)!55#)(-5 /"%#/".5'+,/1-5 *(/-*%5(#/.5 $%45*1.$+#) 5 5"((5-2#5 ,.*)&5', )451%%5 *,5 1%/1,%&45(-#!5 -/"*(%5-* -'.5 *'4551.#5)0,/#)'(/5 3-".5-* ,'.5 /",'(/5*'55 5)5*1.5 !()&5 ,5#"5 1.5-).+*-/0#*(51-") 5$%45,#+.5 38-20 Bowne St. 'Independent Living' senior retirement residence Flushing, NY 11354 www. fushinghouse. com

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