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Pr e s by te r i a n s To d ay | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018 13 Porch's donor base is no longer pri- marily Presbyterian. "Forty percent is from church giving," Drenckpohl said. "The rest is individuals. Parents, students, some of their friends — and people from other faith congregations." Now, Front Porch more fully represents the journey Drenckpohl has been on — out of the ghetto of Christianity and into a place of awareness that recognizes the humanity of one's neighbors. "This generation is fed up with religion," he said. "They're tired of how God has been presented to them, which seems to be opposite of who Jesus was. "Daily, I have students — Christian, Jewish, atheist and Muslim — tell me Front Porch is the most life-giving thing they've ever been a part of." Paul Seebeck is a communications strate- gist for the Presbyterian Mission Agency. in 2013, only around 30 people were using it — and fewer than 100 on campus knew it existed. The first thing Drenckpohl did was push a new vision with the core group of students who were using it. "The gospel should never be just for Christians," he said. "It should benefit everyone — regardless of whether they're going to build their lives around it or not." Gradually, Drenckpohl's philoso- phy of ministry began to reshape Front Porch. Instead of talking about big theological ideas, they started paying attention to those walking past them every day. The goal was to build relationships — not because they had an agenda to convert people, but because they were fellow human beings loved by God. Five years later Front Porch has a core group of 120 volunteers — of both faith and non-faith back- grounds. Most consider themselves spiritual, but do not necessarily identify as religious. And Front COURTESY OF FRONT PORCH Front Porch, a coffeehouse and 1001 worshiping community in San Luis Obispo, California, has encouraged Cal Poly students to recognize each other's humanity first, as a prerequisite for listening to and appreciating their differences. T HOUSANDS of Churches and Youth Groups fund raise with Rada Cutlery each year! Your FUNDRAISER will sell: • Kitchen Knives, Utensils and Gift Sets • Cookbooks, Quick Mixes and Kitchen Helpers Request your FREE catalog and information packet: 1-800-311-9691 or NOTE: Dept A18PRS Fund Raising 1. 40% PROFIT 2. USA KITCHEN ITEMS 3. EASY SYSTEM

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