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I n this study, author Judy Yakes Siker invites us to join her on "a journey to expand our understanding of who Jesus was and is—a journey of our hearts and our minds." Each of this study's nine lessons explores the question, "Who is Jesus?" our minds." Each of this study's nine lessons explores the question, "Who is Jesus?" through a particular theological lens; the lenses include scripture (Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, Paul, Hebrews, the non-canonical gospels), the other Abrahamic fai ths (Judaism and Islam), and contemporary cultural interpretations. • English edition; item HZN16100; $8 • Spanish edition; item HZN16110; $8 • Large-print edition; item HZN16150; $12 • Ecumenical edition; item HZN16102; $8 • Companion DVD (a video introduction of each lesson plus downloadable resources); item HZN16103; $20 Order from Presbyterian Distribution Service by calling toll-free 800/524-2612 or ordering online at Prices do not include shipping and applicable sales tax, and may change without notice. Visit for more information and lesson helps! Presbyterian Women? Bible study, tea and cookies, right? Yes, Presbyterian Women's groups study the Bible together. We also live our faith in hospitals, prisons, schools and shelters. Creatively, prayerfully, joyfully. And sometimes with cookies. Introducing the 2016–2017 PW/Horizons Bible study Who Is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes by Judy Yates Siker, with Suggestions for Leaders by Patricia Lynn Miller

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